Friday, September 17, 2010


About a month ago N and I bought that awesome JetBlue All You Can Jet pass. What? You don’t know about this awesomeness? Once a year at the beginning of August JetBlue holds this 3-day sale where you can buy a pass to fly all you want during the month of September for like the price of one flight. And since N and I were planning a trip anyway, we thought why not travel to 3 places instead? Hate me.

Anyway this past weekend we kicked of our jetsetting month with a trip to NYC. Now I haven’t subjected you guys to this b/c I know I am nuts and all kinds of ridiculous, but I accidentally bought a wedding dress that I hate (it was for charity, don’t ask). Ever since then I have become determined to find something better. I decided that the only thing for me to do was go to Kleinfelds, the very same shop from my guilty pleasure show “Say Yes To The Dress.” I am completely 100% obsessed this show.

Except I called 3 weeks in advance for an appointment and they were fully booked. WTF. Being the determined obsessed person I am, I went anyway just in case they saw me and were like “OMG, we HAVE to dress you in one of our amazing dresses because you are so awesome!” (Whatev, it could have totally happened.) Needless to say, I went inside, fell in love with the place, and got immediately rejected. I didn’t even get to see my fake GBFF Randy. Worst of all, it was raining outside and for some reason N declined my offer to share an umbrella and opted to wear a bright yellow plastic poncho. He looked like Curious George. I would not lie to you, internet friends. Also? They were taping an episode of Say Yes To The Dress while we were there. Of course they didn’t want Curious George there while taping an episode of their amazing show. Therefore I fully blame my rejection on my fiancĂ© wearing a very unfashionable poncho and not to me not having an appointment. Thanks a lot buddy.

And now I leave you with something that always makes me smile. Because when you smile, I smile.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 minutes later

We have hit # 4 (if you don't count the 2 *baby* searches in connection with #3).  Ooh, and we have a baby search of our own! 
Justin R Timberlake?  You have been John C Mayered. 
And are officially my favorite person in the world.

Mutha Lovah

After reading the most recent posts of one of my favorite blogs, Mommy Wants Vodka, I decided to take her up on her Prankster challenge to John C Mayer a celeb. 
Two Non Blondes has chosen the lovely and sexy Justin R Timberlake as our victim celebrity.  Justin R Timberlake hopefully would approve of our prank as Justin R Timberlake seems to have a fabulous sense of humor.  I mean, Justin R Timberlake was 50% of the amazingness that is D*ck in a Box and Mother Lover
Also, Justin R Timberlake can rock a fro like no other white guy ever has.  Or ever should be for that matter.
If you have been living in a 3rd world country without access to the internet or radio or whatever and don't know the brilliance of Justin R Timberlake, then I pity you. 
Justin R Timberlake has a wikipedia page here where you will learn all sorts of interesting tidbits like how he was in NSync and then went solo.  Also, Justin R Timberlake was the best thing that ever happened to Britney Spears in her pre meltdown era, and Justin R Timberlake has gone on to date hotties such as Cameron Diaz, Fergie, and currently Justin R Timberlake dates Jessica Biel.  As if having a fantastic body wasn't enough to make me envious, Jessica has to go be Justin R Timberlake's girlfriend.  I bet Justin R Timberlake Rocks her Body like no other, and for that I am super jealous.
If I had a list, you know the lists of people your spouse would look the other way if you ever had a chance to be with, Justin R Timberlake would totally top that list.  Also, I think we could so be friends because who else but me has a crush on Justin Timberlake that is willing to admit that I not only repeatedly watch the NY Madison Square Garden performance of the Beat Box, but also own the DVD featuring Justin R Timberlake? Me.  That's right.  I own that shit in DVD form.
So my dear Justin R Timberlake, wherever you are, I will always love you and your William Rast jeans, curly fro complete with bleached tips, and ridiculously good comedic timing.  Your d*ck in a box is always welcome in this neck of the woods sweet Justin R Timberlake.
Also, as a side note Justin R Timberlake, I swear I am not a stalker, but this John C Mayer prank thing was way to fun to pass up and I really hope you will take this in stride when you Google yourself tomorrow and find our pathetic attempt at a blog.
I heart you Justin R Timberlake.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday... the Wednesday edition

You are probably thinking that as I promised a Shoesday Tuesday post and the post is coming on Wednesday that it should be at least better than usual, but you would be wrong. 
But... it is a shoe post nonetheless.

I caved and bought some ShoeDazzle goodness.  And Holy Guacamole they are cute AND comfortable.  Shocker. 
I wasn't going to buy shoes this month, and was pretty much over the whole thing when I opened my inbox to boots.

Please don't judge the poor quality of photos, and please also ignore the fact that these are supposed to be slouchy and have an inch or so between calves and boots, but alas I am a heifer and no such space exists.

Boots.  I mean, it was the beginning of football season which in most parts of the US signals cooler weather and cute boots.  I was excited.
Even the Hus approves.  Double shocker.
But I didn't get much else exciting in my combined 10 picks (actually it was 9.  SD gave me the same boot in different colors at 2 separate options.)

Never fear, I have done some internet shopping for you to fill the void.  A friend does some marketing for Naya shoes and wore a pair to a party the other night.  I fell in love.  With ankle boots.  It is like I don't even know me.  So now I am obsessed with these:

And these:
And these:


1, 2 & 4 are from Naya and are environmentally friendly, so totally worth it.  3 is from Bandolino (I found at Piperlime) and I am really hoping the riding boot fad isn't over because I totally missed out last year.

What other shoe fads am I missing for this fall?  I don't want to be late to the party again.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today? I am in a reflective mood. Tomorrow? Shoesday. ( And I am being dragged by the KK bandwagon.)

Somewhere in my parent’s house is a dusty manila folder containing what my memory recalls to be a faded red folder. That folder contains the details of my history.

Twenty-nine years ago yesterday I was given to the only parents I have ever physically known, but not the only parents that have ever loved me. I am lucky in that regard. I have 4 parents who love me in a truly undeserving, albeit different manner.

When my B-Day rolls around each May, I don’t hear the sappy, sugary, sweet stories of “I was in terrible pain, but that all disappeared when the nurse placed you in my arms…” or even the “your Dad almost fainted at the site of the epidural…” anecdotes. I go about my day accepting the obligatory “Happy Birthdays” offered by friends, family and passers-by that overhear it is the day I was born, even though it is only second in meaning to me. It is after all the day that I got my license 13 years ago, the day I was able to legally begin using my real ID to purchase liquor 8 years ago, and the day I realized it is a LOT of pressure to determine the lunch location for your entire department to celebrate. Especially when you have worked at this company for say, 2 weeks?

That day in May? Doesn’t mean what it does to other people. The day I get the warm fuzzies is in September.


This is the day that almost 3 decades ago my Mom met M on the front steps after school and told him that he was going to be a big brother. This is the day my family loaded up into their car and drove I-35 N to Fort Worth in anticipation of filling the now empty car seat buckled securely next to M.

And this is the day that is filled with memories.

The day my parents let M go with the nice lady at Gladney to get me, armed with 2 outfits, sizes 1-3 months and 3-6 months. M returned in tears exclaiming, “She’s too big for these! What.Is.She.Going.To.Wear?” while giving my parents a look of despair and shame for their lack of foresight. My mother thankfully had brought along a 6-9 month dress just in case her new weeks-shy-of-4-months baby was too chunky to fit in anything else. She just had a feeling. And M breathed a heavy and dramatic 8 year old sigh of relief.

The day my Mom was too scared to admit to the social worker that there was no running water at our house because after 6 plus years of waiting for the call, they had decided to renovate.

The night I struck fear in my parents that they may never sleep again when during the 3 hour drive to my grandparents house in Granite Shoals I was wide-eyed and awake the entire trip. Evan at midnight.

It is the day that I think about how blessed I am to have been loved so deeply by the first two important people in my life to have been placed on my personal yellow-brick road to happiness instead of the rocky road that might have been.

It is the day that reminds me that love isn’t something everyone is born into. I am one of the lucky ones.

But it is also the day that I share these thoughts alone with my *second* family. The two responsible for bringing me into this world have only the day in May.

They don’t know about my A-Day.

I am forever grateful for the choices that were made 29 years ago. Signing the papers must have been hard. I hope the decision does not haunt them, it was the right one.

I am equally as grateful that my parents show no difference in love for a biological child versus love for an adopted child. They love, completely, unconditionally, and the same. They love me so deeply that they have always chosen to share the story of my beginning with me.

I have always known. I was told every day how lucky I was to have both families.

One family I know in and out, up and down, for better or for worse.

The other, I know only what is written in that red folder. I am fairly certain that people divulge more detailed information in online dating profiles than those two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, but I have all I need.

Bonus? I get to celebrate with cake and shopping 2 times a year.