Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday... the Wednesday edition

You are probably thinking that as I promised a Shoesday Tuesday post and the post is coming on Wednesday that it should be at least better than usual, but you would be wrong. 
But... it is a shoe post nonetheless.

I caved and bought some ShoeDazzle goodness.  And Holy Guacamole they are cute AND comfortable.  Shocker. 
I wasn't going to buy shoes this month, and was pretty much over the whole thing when I opened my inbox to boots.

Please don't judge the poor quality of photos, and please also ignore the fact that these are supposed to be slouchy and have an inch or so between calves and boots, but alas I am a heifer and no such space exists.

Boots.  I mean, it was the beginning of football season which in most parts of the US signals cooler weather and cute boots.  I was excited.
Even the Hus approves.  Double shocker.
But I didn't get much else exciting in my combined 10 picks (actually it was 9.  SD gave me the same boot in different colors at 2 separate options.)

Never fear, I have done some internet shopping for you to fill the void.  A friend does some marketing for Naya shoes and wore a pair to a party the other night.  I fell in love.  With ankle boots.  It is like I don't even know me.  So now I am obsessed with these:

And these:
And these:


1, 2 & 4 are from Naya and are environmentally friendly, so totally worth it.  3 is from Bandolino (I found at Piperlime) and I am really hoping the riding boot fad isn't over because I totally missed out last year.

What other shoe fads am I missing for this fall?  I don't want to be late to the party again.


Becky Mochaface said...

Dude if the stores are any indication, riding boots are still so in. Yay for boots! I got some Captain Jack Sparrow pirate wench boots last week and I'm dying to wear them. Now if only it would cool off. Alas, the Texas weather is not cooperating.

Sarah RDH said...

Nice boots! I wish I had some. Hubs would totally make fun of me though.

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