Friday, September 17, 2010


About a month ago N and I bought that awesome JetBlue All You Can Jet pass. What? You don’t know about this awesomeness? Once a year at the beginning of August JetBlue holds this 3-day sale where you can buy a pass to fly all you want during the month of September for like the price of one flight. And since N and I were planning a trip anyway, we thought why not travel to 3 places instead? Hate me.

Anyway this past weekend we kicked of our jetsetting month with a trip to NYC. Now I haven’t subjected you guys to this b/c I know I am nuts and all kinds of ridiculous, but I accidentally bought a wedding dress that I hate (it was for charity, don’t ask). Ever since then I have become determined to find something better. I decided that the only thing for me to do was go to Kleinfelds, the very same shop from my guilty pleasure show “Say Yes To The Dress.” I am completely 100% obsessed this show.

Except I called 3 weeks in advance for an appointment and they were fully booked. WTF. Being the determined obsessed person I am, I went anyway just in case they saw me and were like “OMG, we HAVE to dress you in one of our amazing dresses because you are so awesome!” (Whatev, it could have totally happened.) Needless to say, I went inside, fell in love with the place, and got immediately rejected. I didn’t even get to see my fake GBFF Randy. Worst of all, it was raining outside and for some reason N declined my offer to share an umbrella and opted to wear a bright yellow plastic poncho. He looked like Curious George. I would not lie to you, internet friends. Also? They were taping an episode of Say Yes To The Dress while we were there. Of course they didn’t want Curious George there while taping an episode of their amazing show. Therefore I fully blame my rejection on my fiancé wearing a very unfashionable poncho and not to me not having an appointment. Thanks a lot buddy.

And now I leave you with something that always makes me smile. Because when you smile, I smile.



Becky Mochaface said...

I love that show. And still watch it. Even though I don't need a wedding dress anymore.

Sarah RDH said...

omg first off, that lesbian looked EXACTLY like Justin Beiber. No lies. Second, I love that show too, and also still watch it even though I'm out of the market for a wedding dress. But I WILL renew my vows someday in the coming years, and we plan on having a secluded, destination ceremony like we should've just done in the first place. So a girl needs to be prepared. I'm sorry you didn't get to browse dresses in Kleinfeld's...there's always David's Bridal, right?? lol (For the record, I DID try on dresses at DB, and my bridesmaid dresses were from there. I ended up getting my dress from a local bridal shop during a special trunk show. And it was awesome. And I'd totally go put it on right now bc it's THAT awesome, and perfect for me, except I'm 99.9% sure that it does not fit. Sads.)

Sarah RDH said...

in response to your comment on my blog, you totally called out my next post. I was planning the post the anti-duck face music video. And prolly still will so thank you. Also, does either of you know how to respond to comments via e-mail? I can't figure it out hence, here I am on your blog responding to a comment form mine. lol

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