Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

No, not football season. Or the dumb holidays. This is way more important than that. Its Halloween. You have to understand something about me. I. LOVE. HALLOWEEN. Yes, I am nearly 30. And yes, I am a strong believer in the dress-like-a-slut rule. Well at least I used to be until I stopped being a size 6. Which now that I think about it was quite a while ago. Which means I now believe in the dress-like-a-ridiculous-person rule.

And when I say a ridiculous person, this is what I mean:

Dont laugh. I was crowned Queen of the Trailer Park.
So my internet friends who’s opinion I trust more than anyone I know in real life, I need your help. I am all out of inspiration for an original yet hilarious idea. My original plan was to dress N in some overalls and a red shirt and call him Mario so that I could dress like Princess Peach with no shame but I went to Target and saw that Mario and Luigi are actually popular costumes this year. WTF? Any ideas? And remember, this is a brainstorming session, therefore there are no bad ideas.