Friday, March 19, 2010

NB2 Response to Toxy McFrenemy Post

I have heard this story before, plus other stories a la McFrenemy, and trust me, she's a certified loon. But what I really want to talk about is the returning of used clothing items. GROSSNESS.

I have returned my fair share of clothing, but I can assure you the clothes I returned were never worn in public. It completely creeps me out that some cheap ass may have previously bought this shirt, worn it to a bar, Febreezed it, and returned it to the store.

But what really, really disturbes is this video from the Today Show. Watch it, and you too will learn what disgusting secret's Victoria has been hiding all these years.

Also, McFrenemy, it was a $20 dress. How cheap are you?


Sarah RDH said...

Agh, I caught a bit of it on the Today show the other day. Disgusting, isn't it. Ewwww....That's why I always wash my clothes before wearing them!! Even my kids stuff, even baby stuff, just bc you never know what nasty disgusting peple have been touching those clothes looking through the racks. (Can you tell I see a lot of nasty, disgusting, make-me-wanna-vom people with my job???)

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