Sunday, January 2, 2011

Excuses, Excuses. Alternately titled: Suck It Herbstreit.

So clearly we have been MIA.  Apologies.  We have been a little busy around here. 

Wedding planning has become central to Gina's thoughts, as it should, and she has been working hard on creating the most amazing wedding invites (I will let her tell you about them) and working on getting wedding skinny for the big day.

Meanwhile, I am working on getting as fat as possible for her big day.  Seriously, I elastic pants are a Godsend. It has taken a lot of work to look like this, and I am damn proud.  Really.  While Gina has been taking cross-fit classes and crafting wedding details, I have been busy getting knocked up.  3 months down, 6-ish to go.

We will be back more often this year, but will try to make our appearances worth it.  And likely with less Shoesday posts, until we find a new site that provides shoes you can actually wear more than 8 hours at a time. 

We hope you all had a great holiday and new year!  Hopefully you got to see at least a part of the Rose Bowl where my Horned Frogs played their game and beat the big bad Big Ten team, while repeatedly being called the little guy and kicked to the curb by 50% of the Game Day crew.  How do you like us now Herbstreit?  What do you think ESPN?  Looking like a bad idea to sell Wisconsin 2011 Rose Bowl winner shirts a week before the game was played, huh?  Asshats.

I am off to get a breakfast taco.  Eating really is the best part of pregnancy.
Fatty love,


Sarah RDH said...

awww!!! congrats!!! i have missed you ladies!! eating really is the best part of pregnancy...

Becky Mochaface said...


So glad you ladies are back!!

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