Thursday, May 6, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Wearing Matching Everything

Today's Throwback Thursday is sponsored by Kaepa.

Not really, because that would mean that somebody actually sponsored us. On our free blog. Which is dumb. Anyway, when I was in junior high, these shoes were all the rage because, get this, you could SWITCH OUT THE TRIANGLES TO MATCH YOUR OUTFIT! I mean, this is effing gold. I don't know why people still don't make these but with high heels or something else useful.

Anyway, in junior high, all my fashion acumen came from my mom who totally knew what was up because she had a perm and wore t-strap high heels in every color. So if my mom said that orange shorts overalls with a purple t-shirt and purple slouchy socks were the style, of course I would believe her. Also, if she said Hey you should also wear your Kaepas because guess who got you new orange and purple triangles! of course I would do it. And you know what? I would wear this ridiculousness proudly and with confidence like I was some sort of McDonalds character.  And I know this outfit sounds made up but I absolutely do not have the imagination to make this shit up.

I'm lovin' it,



Becky Mochaface said...

I wanted a pair of those. Like something ridiculous. Never did get them.

Sarah RDH said...

Ok those are the shoes that were the cheerleading shoes. Except the 1 year I cheered, they chose some Nikes for us, that the swoosh was cut out of the side, and then you slid a little interchangable color card in behind it, so you had you colored swoosh. I liked 'em.

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