Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Ace of Cakes Phase

You know how I told you I go through all these phases because I have no life am super creative? My current phase is baking. Which is weird because I don't even really like dessert (I know, I'm a freak of nature). Oh and it's also weird because I never baked before in my life. Whenever we have cookie exchanges or birthday cake rotations at work, I always would buy from the grocery store and wouldn't even bother to put it in my own container and pretend I made it myself.

But I had a GBFF who would make all these amazing cakes and because N was always working out of town he was all "You should totally help J make cakes because you like to watch Amazing Wedding Cakes and the Cake Boss and it will keep you busy while I make it rain."  So I called him and we started making cakes and we will probably have a show on Bravo soon. Look, I'll prove it:

Here are the reasons I think cakes are my ticket to fame and red hair and really big feminine but awesome flower tattoos on my arm (oh you didn't know? this is what I picture myself to look like when I open my own bakery. I call it Punky Crocker.):

1. J is a total flamer. Like Damien in Mean Girls except he thinks he can totally pass for a straight man and he lives with two other gays.

2. We argue all.the.time. Like about everything. And they can turn into huge blowups. "What do you mean we are out of sugar?! We're a fuckin' bakery!" "Of course we have to make the monkeys edible and not just use the ones from your Barrel of Monkeys!" "It has too much crap on it already, stop trying to add fuckin' butterflies!" This is reality TV gold.

3. Our cakes are not terrible for us only doing this for a few months. Yeah we should probably shoot for something better than "not terrible" but whatev.

Anyway, I am pretty much over this hobby and ready to move onto something else making homemade pinatas or some shit but unfortunately I dragged J into this and he wont let me quit now. Oh well.

Gay tantrums and reality tv love,


P.S. If George Lopez has people sing Total Eclipse of the Heart on his show one more time I am going to find him and stab him in the face. That's my song dammit!

P.P.S. It is perfectly okay if Lea Michelle sings it on Glee and her rendition may or may not have given me chills last night.


twononblondes said...

For the recored, Gina's cakes (from her bakery, obvs) are better than not bad. They are really quite yummy and there is some definite decorating talent.

Sarah RDH said...

I think your cakes look good! I wish I had more occasions to make more cakes, but there's not too many people I really care about enough to put 9 hours of my life into it, ya know???

Becky Mochaface said...

Those look amazing. And I would totally buy cakes from a bakery called Punky Crocker. Because I? Love puns. I know. I'm a freak of nature.

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