Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warning: I Am Stabby Today

by Gina

Today is supposed to be Shoesday Tuesday but I may have to postpone it. I know you are all *super* bummed that you were not greeted this morning by pics of my cavewoman feet but I have a good excuse: I am in a terrible mood and it may or may not be PMS related.

First of all, I have to do actual work today. Instead of just emailing NB1 all day talking about nonsense such as NB1’s paranoia about bald spots and what ugly shoes Kimmy K is trying to convince me to buy, I have to do boring things like “accounting research” and “writing technical memo’s.” Dear lord, I hate my job.

Secondly, I put on my silver heels this morning to wear to work only to discover once I get to the office that my dog has chewed off all the silver and the heel of one of the stupid shoes (I was in a hurry this morning due to my wine and cheese induced coma from the night before).

Third, I have to bake and ice 3 dozen cookies for a baby shower by Thursday and then make a cake for 200 people by Saturday. This is due to my “I want to own a bakery” phase that I haven’t told you about yet, which severely conflicts with my current “I want to do nothing when I get home after my painful job” phase. I don’t even really care for cookies and cake, or any dessert actually. At the end of a meal, I’d much rather order something savory, like a plate of exotic cheeses, and when I say exotic cheeses I really mean nachos or jalapeno poppers, but that really isn’t socially acceptable. Anyway the thought of spending every night this week baking and decorating sweets is making me extremely stabby at the moment.

Lastly, I volunteered to make invitations for my high school reunion. I don’t know why I volunteer to do these things. I went to an all girls high school and hate everyone I went to high school with. I didn’t even buy a damn yearbook because I was all “I don’t ever want to see these freaks and whores again.” You know, because everyone in my class was either a freak or a whore. This is probably why Toxy and I ended up being friends, because we were the only non-freak, non-whore bitches in the school. We went to N*SYNC concerts while the other girls went to mosh pits or dirty rapey parties.

Anyway, maybe I will take a picture later of my shredded silver shoes and then we can all count it as my Shoesday Tuesday post. Deal?


Becky Mochaface said...

Some of my favorite heels the material has gotten scraped off the heel because I stepped in a crack or something. Looks horrible, but I wear them anyway. Sigh.

Sarah RDH said...

Wow, we are internet soul sisters, bc I def. have a desire to own a bakery and not too many ppl know about it. I love baking crap, and when the ppl who did my wedding cake (supposedly the best in this area) fucked everything the possibly could about my cake (Shall with start with IT WAS THE WRONG FUCKING COLOR??????????), it really fueled my fire. Then when I wrote them a letter Monday morning expressing my frustrations, might I add in a VERY professional way, I never heard a thing back from them. So I've now talked I think 4 brides out of using them. And my goal is to continue to grow that number bc they are pieces of shit and I hope my kid plays something like soccer or football against their kid someday so mine can beat the shit out of him AND I WILL LET HIM.

Can you tell I get really pissed whenever the subject of wedding cakes even comes up???

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