Thursday, April 15, 2010

Throwback Thursday Edition One: 1993/1994

Gina and I realized that while we may not have anything jaw-droppingly interesting to post about on a daily basis, we have a combined 56 (Holy Crap!) years full of odd and embarrassing episodes we can write about to bring you up to speed on our particular brand of crazy.  Se we hereby dedicate all Thursday posts as Throwback Thursdays.  So slip on your saddle oxfords and tighten up your scrunchies, because today we are heading back to 1993/1994.
It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  Scratch that.  7th grade was just about the absolute worst of times for me... Searching the memory vault for a good time...
...still thinking...
...moving on.  Let's be honest, what 7th grade girl isn't on a collision course with Xanax when she is 1 foot taller than 90% of the boys in her class.  AND, how much does this girl hate life when her mother teaches 7th grade history at the same school?  You get the picture.  I was a medicated giant.  The muse for Lewis Carroll's Alice Grows Too Tall for the Room.
7th grade is the time in a girl's life when fashion choices begin to matter.  Not like elementary school when we are all pleasantly surprised to remember to put on underwear.  What this didn't happen to you?  Deodorant was starting to become a necessity and Seventeen Magazine advertised Sun In as the *it* product of the year.  ** side note - I was completely ignorant to the fact that Sun In was permanent.  Major Orange Hair Fail.**
As I mentioned before, Mom taught 7th graders at my school, and had been teaching there for years, so you would think that she would have her fingers on the pulse of 7th grade fashion.  Screw that, her classroom was in the middle of the 8th grade lockers, she was certain to be fashion forward, right?  Wrong.  But I didn't know this yet.  And I wouldn't figure this out until it was almost too late.  There is a bad memory involving me, leather, and high school that will certainly make an appearance on Throwback Thursdays, stay tuned. 
During the fall of that year, my Mom took me on a shopping trip to buy new pants.  I had a ridiculous growth spurt in September of 4 inches in 30 days, which also led to the 3 year use of bright blue knee braces.  My pants had become capris before capris were *in style*.  We went to the Esprit store in the outlet mall and I ended up leaving the store with the 1993 equivalent of the following:

Stylish *rust* colored jeans

Bonus! Second pair of olive green jeans as well!

Textured paint shirt to match both pairs of jeans.  And by textured, think *puff paint* with a little less emphasis on the *puff*

I was da bomb (too 1998?).  Or, at the very least, I stood out from the crowd.  Which is obviously what I wanted to do in 7th grade.  Thanks Mom.  And I wondered why I sat around my house waiting for this bad boy to ring:
Embarrased and humiliated,


Becky Mochaface said...

Oh phones that light up when they rang. Oh I miss those.

twononblondes said...

That phone was amazing. The phone base was a receiver as well and yes, it lit up when ringing. I was really sad we sold that phone in a garage sale. I found one online for $120, but I dont think I like it that much.

Sarah RDH said...

omg I wanted a see-thru phone SOOOO BAD!!! That argument in our house, was the equilavelent (sp?) of 10 yr olds wanting cell phones now.

And I used to MAKE MY OWN puff paint shirts. How awesome is THAT???

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