Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is drinking a glass wine after a workout the same as drinking a glass of water? I'm going to say yes.

So I have a busy day today but I am taking a second to give up a very important message about Zumba. I’ve been working out about once a week and it seems to be confusing my body just enough to give me a decent weigh-in on Fridays. Go me.

Yesterday my workout of the week was Zumba. If you haven’t done Zumba I totally recommend it. Zumba is the love child of Jane Fonda and J. Lo. And maybe Richard Simmons. It’s like aerobics to the tune of Pitbull. The problem is that the class is full of old ladies who have amazing rhythm while I, on the other hand, have the rhythm of Liz Lemmon if I am lucky.

Plus I think I am not proportioned correctly, like I have ridiculously long arms and freakishly long legs and a regular sized torso. So while all the old ladies and the instructor look like Shakira during all the pelvic thrust moves and whatnot, I look like Gumby.


Guess how much I don’t care? This Gumby got a one hour workout and successfully did not hit anyone in the face with my wayward hands and feet. At least not on purpose.

Gumby hearts and post-workout glasses of wine,


Becky Mochaface said...

LOL! Gumby. That makes me smile.

Sarah RDH said...

I was totally going to go to zumba once, but had JUST found out I was pregnant, and used it as an excuse to pass! Instead, my friend and I walked the track around the gym where the class was held. There was lots of old ladies, and the pelvic thrusting freaked me out a little.

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