Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Stylish New Fashion Trend

This post has no point, and for that I apologize.  I am sitting here eating a glazed donut in lieu of doing a yoga DVD, but only because the dog hasn't figured out how to use his new dog house and it is hovering above freezing so I feel bad putting him outside after just letting him in.  And everyone knows you can't do yoga with a 130 pound lab interested in what you are doing.  So donut and blogging it is.

Pajama pants in public.  That is what I want to talk about.

Over the holidays I did a little shopping around town and noticed this trend.  At the time, I thought maybe these kids were college students home on break and all of their decent pants were being washed at their parents house and so pyjama pants had to do in a pinch.  Ok, fine. At least you are somewhat covered, but I reserve the right to side-eye you for trying to tuck your polka dot flannel pants into your Uggs.

Then last night, I was picking up dinner for B and I at a local grill/burger joint.  As I walk out, in walks 3 high school age girls.  One wearing jeans and a big coat.  One wearing a short skirt, bright colored tights and a long sleeve shirt.  She looked cold, but also looked as though she put some thought into her outfit.  Kind of as if she wanted to look cute in case she ran into some boy she had a crush on.  I mean, why else would a 15 yr old brave 30 degree temps in little more than a flimsy layer of rayon?
The third girl?  Pajama pants. And a long-sleeved t-shirt.  Not even a hoodie.  The other two looked like they could have just come from a library, while this one looked like she was woken from a deep sleep.  Bad hair and all.  Hopefully her teeth had been brushed within the last 12 hours, but I wouldn't have put money on that.
At the time I wondered if her friends were embarrassed by their hobo-esque tag along.  The I had the chilling thought that maybe this was a "look" and then I silently prayed I was incubating a male and would only need to worry about the inevitable "I don't care if it is considered 'cool' but you will not have that Bieber hair cut and no son of mine will have hair reminiscent of a Beatle, ever!" Girls can be hard, I was one.

Anyway, tonight I stopped into the grocery store on the way home for my short list of things the house was in need of (re: milk and dog food) and in the process of forgetting the dog food, but picking up a 6 pack of glazed donuts (seriously $1.99 for 6 totally beat out the $0.39 each in the case), I saw another unfortunate soul dressed for slumber.  And this one was post high school age.  I think.  She was wearing something which looked an awful lot like a letterman's jacket, but without the patches, so I couldn't really tell.  Anyway, girl was in too tight t-shirt, ragged grey pajama pants, and flip flops.  Oh, and the pleather jacket missing the school identification. 

Seriously, WTF?  Pajama pants as acceptable outerwear? 
I get the yoga pants thing.  For one, if you are wearing something equally as casual on top, it can never be discounted that you are on your way to or from the gym.  Yay you.  Second, yoga pants are generally figure friendly.  Pajama pants?  Even the girls in VS look a little bit frumpy in the magazine.  *Sidenote - the girls in VS are like 6 feet tall, yes?  Why then when I order pajamas from VS, the pants are ankle height, if not higher, and I am only 5'6?*
Maybe yoga pants were the precursor to pajama pants.  Kind of like the shiny metallic windsuits from the early 90's were the precursor to tracksuits?  No?

And now there are pajama jeans?  Woah.  "The stylish new fashion trend!"  Oh goodness.  I almost want to buy a pair to make fun of them, but I don't want to waste $39.95... even with the promise of the free t-shirt.

I am lazy by nature, so I get the throw on the closest thing way of life, but generally that means you still change clothes after you get out of bed.  At some point, at least, before you leave the house.  Right?  Am I just crazy?


Sarah RDH said...

I put on my fb status like last week that I think pajama jeans are something I should own. They ARE pretty tempting...but not for $40. I oculd get crappy tranny shoes that give the balls of my feet terminal cancer from Kimmy K for $40. Cancer shoe feet it is.

And I was totally one that would wear pj's out in high school, and maybe for a couple years after. Not gonna lie. Now, I was marching around in winnie the pooh flannel or something, I tried to be "casual cute", with like fashionable sweatpants (the number of things wrong with this sentence is increasing with every word I type, I am aware.) and a hoodie or something. I would never do this now, bc I'm a grown up, with a husband and children to think about, as well as healthcare provider, and I see my patients EVERRRRRYYYYYWHEREEEEE.

And have we ever discussed how fat people always wear looney tunes shirts (with their sweatpants/pj pants...)?? I think we have...

Becky Mochaface said...

I've worn pajama pants - though they weren't actually my pajama pants but pants that could be pajama pants and ones I had changed into after a shower because they're comfortable and warm - for quick, holy crap, I need this item in order to finish our honey do lists trips to Lowe's but that's where I draw the line.

twononblondes said...

Yes, I too wore pajama pants in college. And after for a while, but I was damn cute and size 2ish at the time, so no big deal. No judging.
And yes, on the Looney Tunes factor. See also: screen printed In Memorium shirts/Ed Hardy.

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