Monday, July 19, 2010

The Return of Gina

Oh my internet friends, how I have missed you. Let me just say that life has been nuts for old Gina lately. Here are the things I have been doing instead of playing on the internet like I am supposed to:

1. Joining a kickball team which has more "team meetings" (i.e., happy hours) than any other association I have ever belonged to and has caused a combined total of 4 injuries in 2 games so far.

2. Packing my house and getting ready to move to the middle of nowhere with N because I am getting married and apparently married people usually live together. We have decided to not move to Mexico after it was ravaged by Hurricane Alejandro and a little gunfight between the military and about 50 random gunmen occurred in the neighborhood where we were supposed to work and live. N is totes being a weenie about me possibly being kidnapped and dismembered but whatev.

3. Thinking about starting P90X and buying workout clothes that show off the washboard stomach I am going to have 90 days from the time I stop thinking about it and start doing it. Don't worry, there are before pictures that you will get to see if I ever start and complete the full 90 days.

4. Shopping for a dress for my stupid wedding. This is a story for another day in which Wedding Gina goes ape shit. You will enjoy.

Since I feel like I owe you, I will now give you an uncensored engagement pic of me and N. I am sorry to have abandoned you, my internet-friends. I will be more diligent in the future. Especially since I have canceled my cable.


Becky Mochaface said...

Such a cute picture! Where did you get that taken?

Sarah RDH said...

Nice pic! I've also been lacking on my internet skills lately, and I am sorry as well!

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