Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Got the Fever

... Not of the Bieber strain. 


The baby fever.  It is awful.  I really need some prescription strength Excedrin No Babies, but the stupid HEB monopoly here doesn't seem to carry it.

I don't know where this is coming from.  Seriously.  I have a few friends with bambinos, and toddling poopypants, but it is not like I am surrounded by upchucking mini humans all day.  Husband and I decided last year that we would start trying to have a baby around June of this year, but that was before I got a new job that I actually like.  We decided when I ripped up my contract with the devil (read: quit my last job) that I did not want to have a baby during the first year I worked at the new place.  Pregnant during part of that year, sure, baby, no.  But here I am 3 months into the job and I am starting to dream babies.

Being the rational person I think I am, I have made a list of baby vs. no baby

No Baby:
Ugly babies - Don't say all babies are cute.  You know damn well there are some ugly babies out there.  I don't want anyone's pity when I birth ET's long lost cousin
Ovulation charts  - My graph drawing stage came and went with Advanced Economics in college
Weight gain - The most successful I have ever been at weight loss was 8 pounds.  Something tells me I will gain more than that with a baby
Diapers - gag me
Delivery - I've read Breaking Dawn...just because Husband isn't immortal doesn't mean I will have better luck. 
Infertility - My husband claims to have suffered from Blunt Testicular Trauma as a child.
The Obvious - Pregnancy and child raising is just plain scary

Baby -
Maternity Clothes/Eating A Lot - so excited about this
Baby - *most* are so dang cute!
Maternity leave - 3 months to hang with a kid and still have a job to go back to.

As you can see, I am really trying not to want a baby right now.  But just like dieting, my efforts amount to a massive fail. 



Sarah RDH said...

Well, my personal feeling is ovulation charts are for the birds. Just do it everyday, and you're bound to hit a fertile time. (Now if I had trouble getting pregnant, I would think differently, but clearly I do not.) Also a plus, the MOMENT you find out your pregnant, it becomes your official excuse card. You're instantly tired, hungry, need hot wings, whatever. Also, Hubs does not get pissed when you say you literally new a whole new wardrobe and doesn't even wince as he hands over the credit card to take your (growing) happy ass to Motherhood Maternity.

And this is the way I see it: You will never ever not for a second regret HAVING a child. But you would regret NOT having one. So I say take the plunge. And really, I don't think they're THAT much work. You just jump in & do it without even thinking about it. And how fun is it to register & pick out all the cute baby gear items that OTHER people will buy you??!!

Becky Mochaface said...

Everyone around me is getting pregnant it seems. Like for reals. I'm feeling a little flush from baby fever myself but have to constantly remind myself that I'm not ready, that WE'RE not ready. It will happen for us, eventually, just not right now.

More thoughts for No Baby...
- No more cute shoes as all your money will go to diapers and whatever else it is babies need.
- Any traveling you want to do will likely get postponed.
- Less happy hours and spur of the moment late night food trips. Or at least on a very irregular basis.

Since it's a question of now or later and not now or never, just think about if you're ready to give up life as you know it. Because although it's possible to keep some resemblance to your previous life, a baby will change it and turn everything on its head. For the better absolutely. But it will be different.

If you shrug your shoulders at all the No Baby stuff and your husband is on board and ready, I say go for it. Or at least maybe stop trying to PREVENT it - that means no graphs, if you can manage that ;-) - and see what happens.

twononblondes said...

All valid points ladies. I think we are ready. I mean who is really ready anyway? We (think) we can afford it, and I would like to at least start trying before I hit 31... in case it takes a while. I think the tell tale sign was when I had to take an accidental pregnancy test a few months back, and I wasn't totally praying over and over that it was negative.

Sarah RDH said...

lmao....so how many have you taken that you HAVE been praying were negative (don't feel bad, it's the second "number" all we ladies have. And we all know what that first "number" is. The one that got to the point of taking & praying for negative pregnancy tests....ahem...)

And you're right, no one is ever 100% "ready" bc no one really knows what "ready" means. And really, cost isn't that much, outside of child care. Diapers aren't much really, what got us this time was my daughter having to be on expensive ass formula bc she's got severe reflux & protein allergies. It's lovely. But, it was unexpected, and we're getting through it. It's tripled our original "baby budget" but you don't really think about it, you just do it. It's your baby :)

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