Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoesday Late Edition

You know the stages of a breakup?
1. River of tears and depression
2. Denial
3. Drinking
4. Anger and more depression
5. Rebound relationship
6. Total body awesomeness makeover
7. Total life awesomeness makeover (or drugs if your name rhymes with Minsday Mohan)

I am thrilled to announce KK has DASHed her way through and is firmly in stage 6, with a minuscule corner of a stiletto heel back on the yellow brick road to stage 7.  Clearly, someone introduced Kimmy to a corner and she is thisclose to turning it.  I don't know if it is the rumored new man-friend, her new post-diet body, the fear of US teens brought on by really angry Bieber fans, or her ex-husband spewing stories that have whipped her into shape, but it is almost like the Kim of old has returned.  After our many near-breakups, KK has realized she will never do better than me I am serious about this shit and she put forth an effort to save the relationship.  Or, our Shoe Dazzle friend had a Jessica Simpson Chicken of the Sea moment and realized that women who work and *working girls* are not one in the same.  Either way, I was thrilled with my 6th and 7th shoes in my may selection.  (Side note - WTF? Shoe Dazzle?  You send me 5 shoes.  I say no, and then you send TWO more shoes?  If you sent them all at one time, I might be tempted to take our relationship further, if you know what I mean.)

The Poppy.  Totally work appropriate, and I am secretly dying for some red shoes.  But I am not crazy about the tan tassels.  This is totally my fault though, I had no idea I needed to include tassels in my Absolutely Not list. 

Then, I received this. 

The Nancy.  I was super tempted by the total adorableness of this amazing shoe, but it is tan (which I am trying to avoid as I have too many) and it isn't quite work appropriate for me (lots of walking across parking lots from one building to another, it kills cute heels).  Also, she threw in the philanthropy plea, buy this and we donate x% to charity.  So now I am a B for choosing not to buy?  Great, I love guilt.

Although I was completed taken by surprised by KK's effort this month, I decided to stick with my tough love approach until she can completely commit to this relationship.  I am no shoe whore.

I did however get my new Shoe Fab shoes in:

I apologize for the weird sized pictures.  New computer.  Can't figure out how to work the photo editor.

Sorry for the late post.


Sarah RDH said...

I have the red poppy ones. They're ok. And I was fooled by the tassel (tassle??) bc I totally thought the tan part looked gold, so I thought Oh cool, red & gold, I'm down. Then when they came, they were tan, rough, fuzzy leathery, and I was like This is clearly NOT GOLD. I've worn them once so far. I'm sure I'll wear them again, but I need to get some more of those crappy little no show socks for flats. My other ones got holes in them way too fast so I threw them away. I find it hard to wear flats without's just weird.

I DO like the nancy. And you shoefab shoes are nice. They look a little less killer. I like your *working girl* reference. You must be right, that they thought it was the same thing, bc I've been screaming the same thing at them for months now, and they just don't get it.

Becky Mochaface said...

I like the tan ones! But then I don't already own a pair of tan shoes.

smArtee said...

The shoes are sexy...well, not the red ones....but they are not supposed to be..Lolol..!The stages of breakup are so true...I am glad Kimmy is doing so well...I love the "chicken of the sea moment"...Hahahahah...! Hey nice to meet you...Im following....wink wink...hey I still will follow... I just dont need more followers..I just like more connections....hahahahahah..! Thanks for stopping by..!

Gloria said...

I like the shoes but could never wear them because of my bad knees. Tee Hee. I could follow you though if that's okay with you. You now have me as a follower. Have a great rest of the week and I look forward to reading your blog and I am a faithful follower and reader. Take care and nice to meet you.

twononblondes said...

We love all of our followers, and those who just stop by are loved too!
Also, I decided after this post that i really wanted the tan shoes, so I logged on and they were sold out. Bummer. But, it is nearing the end of May, so new shoes soon!!!
Happy weekend everyone!

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