Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Rule: A Ring Is NOT A License To Be Bat Shit Crazy

Today is supposed to be Throwback Thursday but guess how much I don’t care. I have more pressing matters. I need you to virtually slap me in my face and tell me to get my shit together because I am seriously sub-consciously sabotaging N’s proposal.

See, I have been telling N that I need a vacation and he hasn’t had a day off of work in like 9 months or something ridiculous so FINALLY we are going somewhere. Also? He and I both know that he is going to FINALLY give me the ring that is currently residing in my sock drawer (I never said I was marrying the slickest of men) so he has actually taken total control over where we are going, when we are going and how long we are staying. Swoon, right? Wrong. Because I have issues. This was our conversation yesterday:

N: How does June 7-9 sound to you?
Me: Oh... I thought we were going on a real vacation. That’s just a long weekend. And it doesn’t even fall on a weekend so….
N: Well for a real vacation I want to go somewhere like Cabo.
Me: Well then why are we even going to Miami if you don’t want to go there???
N: I thought you wanted to go to check out places for the wedding.
Me: But this is your thing, you should do it where you want to do it and not let me control it! Just forget the whole thing! I don’t even want to go anymore!
N: ……….. Um, what just happened?

It’s like I know I am being an unreasonable bitch and I can’t do anything about it. Help.

Sad Bitchy Quasi-Bridezilla PMS Hearts,



Sarah RDH said...

this is past the point of romance. n- give her the fucking ring and be done with it. lack of caps while typing = holding baby. sors.

Becky Mochaface said...

Last summer I really wanted DH to propose to me during our trip to Boston. Only we returned and no ring. I couldn't help but be disappointed. And I told him that I had hoped he would have proposed to me that weekend. I also told him I wanted him to do it in his time when he wants to do it. That was a Monday. That Friday he proposed.

twononblondes said...

I am this close to calling N and having words... I will wait until after Miami though.

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