Monday, May 24, 2010

My Dream of Becoming a Mexican Princess

Apparently N and I are moving to Mexico for two years. Let me make some disclaimers. I know Mexico is NOT the most ideal and exotic place to move. Also, while we got the word today we are going, it won't be for a few months.

Anyway, while deciding whether or not we should accept the offer to move if we were to get it, we had to do a list of pros and cons which I will share with you:

Pro - I wouldn't have to be an accountant any more and my only job would be to stay home and be a Mexican princess.
Con - I might get kidnapped because that's what people do there, like a hobby or something.
Pro - We have never lived outside the great state of Texas so this could be a fresh start.
Con - I can never drink water from the faucet. Like ever. For like two years.
Pro - If I were to accidentally drink said water I would probably get violently ill which we all know = Skinny Gina.
Con - If I want to do anything like get a job or go back to school I'll have to learn Spanish fluently, which is virtually impossible since I have been trying to learn this damn language since I was about four.
Pro - Our moving bonus would cover our wedding expenses (yes, the wedding that will follow the ring that I have not yet received).
Con - Did I mention the kidnapping? And the rampant carjacking incidents?

So while the possibility of getting kidnapped and carjacked would deter most people from moving to a country where they don't know the language, I am choosing to see this as an adventure. A very scary, very nerve-racking adventure. And from what I hear most of the scary stuff is limited to people who are involved in the drug cartels so as long as I don't decide to become an entrepreneur or get the wrong tattoo I would say my chances are good. And if I still don't feel safe to leave the house, I could always have a baby to occupy my time or just come home and live with my mommy for a few months.

Nervous mexican princess love,



Becky Mochaface said...

Oh what an adventure! Think about the stories, the blogging material... I can't wait to read about it!!

Sarah RDH said...

Whoa. You've got balls. I'm on the fence about ever VISITING Mexico, due to kidnapping/rape/muder. My BIL went with his GF last fall & he says he totally understands how ppl get kidnapped by like "taxi drivers" at the airport.

But you can probably find some cheap designer shit. I hear the black market is AWESOME down there. (And no, I don't actually believe any of it is real, therefore I personally wouldn't give my cash to any peddlers...)

twononblondes said...

OMG N and I learned the hard way not to get into random "taxis" when we went to NYC for the first time. Luckily we realized what was going on because our driver's accomplices were too slow to jump us and steal our luggage. We've been to Mexico a few times but only to the resorts. At least we are not going to Juarez which is literally the deadliest city on the planet.

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