Saturday, March 13, 2010

NB1: One-Third Life Crisis

I am having a one-third life crisis. I guess it would help to have a few deets about me to understand this crisis here. I am nearly 30, have an actual grown-up career, and have a b/f. My crisis involves an internal conflict between the ready-to-settle-down-and-wear-a-white-dress-and-be-domesticated-me and the hey-I’m-still-young-and-so-I-better-do-all-the-cool-things-young-people-do-before-its-too-late-me. **NB2 note - I HATE conflict, so I accepted my husband's marriage proposal 2 years ago and am now happily without internal conflict, but with 2 times the laundry, 3 times the grocery bill, and 16 pounds of extra weight. I am an accountant, but even I cant figure out that math. But hey, now I have an excuse to avoid the "cool things young people do."**

Now it may seem like this is a pretty harmless crisis. Its not like I am going to go chuck my b/f of five years and date a 22 year-old, b/c frankly I can’t stand 22 year-old boys and the thought of dating makes me want to vom. Oh yeah and also because I heart my b/f. So what’s the problem, you may be asking. I mean, it doesn’t really affect my day-to-day life until I go shopping. That’s when these two bitches inside me really start going head-to-head. Part of me is like “oh I’ll just go to J Crew and pick up a polo or two and maybe I should get it monogrammed too” and the other part of me is like “Ooh, jeggings! Omg and red snakeskin platform heels! And didn’t Kim Kardashian mention that the nautical look is going to be hot this spring?” It’s exhausting and I hate conflict so I end up buying everything in sight. Oh, and I’ve developed an unnatural obsession over Kim Kardashian within the past month. Probably because of her shoe dazzle fabulousness. I think that’s it. Oh and on Sundays I flip between ANTM marathons and Platinum Wedding Marathons. While doing online makeovers and researching places for my pretend destination wedding.

And yes, I realize I have no life. Whatever.


George's Mum said...

pretty excited to pop your follower cherry. whoop.

Sarah RDH said...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I will follow you bc you said 2 things in this post that strike my interest: Kim K and shoedazzle. You must have found me from MODG; correct??

Btw- when you have children, you can no longer "buy everything in sight". Unless it's for them. Bc by then, you are out of money. I have 2, a boy & a girl, which means I buy each one a completely new wardrobe every single season. It's fun for awhile, but then sometimes, you really want to (or NEED to) spend your money on other things. But you can't. I love shopping for my kids, but it gets stressful sometimes. Ohhh motherhood!!!

twononblondes said...

I did find you on MODG! You left a hilarious comment and it made me want to internet stalk you. :)

What's funny is that as an accountant I have immediate buyer's remorse every time I buy something remotely frivolous and have been known to purchase a large sum of items, leave them untouched in my car for two days, then go back to the store and return the whole lot. After, of course, ensuring the same people who were there during my shopping spree are not working that day. I just realized I make my life alot more complicated than it is.

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