Sunday, August 29, 2010

The day the internet news sites died

Are there really no more trustworthy news sources out there?

I gave up on CNN a few months back when I read 3 articles in one day with the exact same story only with different titles. 

Fow News?  I don't remember when I gave that up.

Huffington Post?  There were no less than 2 stories on Elizabeth Hurley that didn't involve her significant other with a hooker.  Relevancy?  Also, a recent article mentioned a photo of Bethenney Frankel was the first such shot since Bryn's birth.  Um, no, she was on the cover of a magazine 3 weeks post baby.  C'mon Huff Post.

But today is the day the internet news died for me. (and no spell check, I will NOT capitalize "internet")

People Magazine, oh how I will miss you.  But seriously.  I read this this morning on your website.

Hair cascading over her shoulders... WTF?  Are we practicing for the Emmy recaps?  It was a MUG SHOT you douchenugget.  Do NOT ruin my Sunday morning reading with your delusional grandeur of romance novel fiction writing.


Does no one take the news seriously anymore?


Sarah RDH said...

Ok, first of all, I love the use of the word "allegedly" in the media. LOVE IT. Second, Huffington Post is a piece of shit. And third, Bethany picked an amazing baby name, but we all know it should be spelled with 2 n's. Such as my daughter's name. :)

And is anyone really shocked, or actually think Paris DOESN'T do coke? ALLEGEDLY??? No. I think there's more coke in the air than pollen in the air here in Ohio. FYI: That's a LOT of coke.

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