Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chat Roulette

Everyone has heard of this Chat Roulette business by now right? Where you are randomly matched up with random people and if you dont like their face or if they are boring you can click "next"? Well, since I have no life I decided it was my responsibility to give all 8 of our readers a first-hand account of my experience. Which means I have to actually experience it. So here we go.

When you first go to Chat Roulette, they give you the rules. They are as follows (no lie):


• 16+
• Please stay clothed
• Please click "Report (F2)" if you don't like what you see

You would think this would be enough to deter a mild mannered accountant. I mean, I don't often go to websites where they have to explicity tell the user to stay clothed. But like the pioneer woman I am, I trudged on. Here we go:

#1: Girl lying in bed. Looks depressed. I have my own problems. Next.
#2: Guy smoking cig. "Oh look how cool I am with my truckers hat from last season and indoor cigarette smoking." Lame. Next.
#3: Fat guy dancing with his shirt over his head. Now we're in business. Hmm, how shall I initiate conversation? Should I wave, or just type a friendly gree-.....OMG. I just got nexted by Fat guy dancing with his shirt over his head. New low? I think yes. {NB2 comment - you probably weren't weird enough for him. I assume you were looking straight into the computer, jaw-dropped and normal looking? Not karaoke-ing in your bathing suit? Right? Please?}
#4 Nice normal guy from rome. Super nice and kinda cute, but I am not here to hook up. I am here for the weirdo's. See ya later nice normal guy from Rome. {He probably cried after you hit next}
#5 - #8 Shirtless old guys. Gross.

This whole process took less than 5 minutes, during which time I came into contact with one normal person out of eight. So, basically, my review is this:

If you are not weird and don't really like seeing old guys not wearing shirts, you will probably be freaked out by this whole thing. I will definitely not be making this a new hobby of mine because I think it's kind of creepy that random people can look into your room, but I am still glad that I did it so that I could see for myself what the buzz was all about. {I thank you for taking one for the team. I have ZERO desire to get onto this site. I don't think my ego could take someone next-ing me.}



Sarah RDH said...

I have not heard of this thankfully, nor will I be trying this out based on your experience. I'm pretty darn sure I would totally vom.

Becky Mochaface said...

Out of all those weirdos, how did you manage not to see any penises (penii?)? That's what's keeping me from trying it. I am really not interested in seeing a random person's junk. Or multiple people's junks.

twononblondes said...

Well I was only on it for literally 5 minutes since I was running late for pub trivia (dear lord I need a life) and I will probably do it again tonight just to make sure I haven't missed something. Not because it's my new hobby. Because it's not. Yet.

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